Psychological Diagnostic System

kUFRP D S - 5 P

Psychological Diagnostic System
Opportunity for self-employed traffic psychologists

The PDS-5P is a lite version of psychological instrument examination device, which enables the examination of sensomotor reactions to multiple stimulation, the examination of long-term vigilance and response latency.
The system includes a standard deterministic test for sensomotor reaction examination to multiple stimulation, test of long-term vigilance and test for response latency examination.
PDS-5P is designed as a mobile field device, which consists of special keyboard and pedals. It could be connected to any PC or laptop by standard USB port.

Software Description
The PDS-5P software requires Windows XP/7/8 operating system. Using PC to control and evaluate the tests ensures various possibilities of assembling many different series of tests. Usage of PC also enables easy administration of stored test results.
The bundle of different modular programs was drawn up to control various tests. The modular programs are controlled by the main module, which enables creation of different series of tests, including the creation of examinated persońs personal card and insertion of instructions viewed before each test. The main program enables storing and evaluating of measured data. All stored data and results can be re-readed and printed.

Beginning screen

Determination Test
The determination test is intended to examine the sensomotor reactions to multiple audiovisual stimulation – five colour stimuli, two different sound tones and two pedals. The most important use is the diagnostic of drivers and machine staff, it is also used in clinical psychology and rehabilitation medicine with success. The output is the response latency and the number of correct, incorrect and late reactions. The test consists of special keyboard, a pair of pedals, loudspeakers and a software bundle.

Configuraton of determination test

Evaluation of determination test

Evaluation of the series of standardized determination tests

Vigilance Test
The vigilance test is intended for people performing monotonous activity, which requires the long-term concentration. It is suitable as a supplementary test for driver worthiness examination. It could be also used in experimental psychology for long-term concentration monitoring, in pharmacology and during rehabilitation with success. The test could be used both in digital or analog design. The stimulus in analogue test is presented by a sudden discontinuity in the movement of a blue point, which revolves around the circle path – a clock-face. By the digital test, the stimulus is presented by  discontinuity of incrementing the value 1 at the digital counter viewed at the screen. The output consists of number of right, false and missed answers and of response latency value rated by intervals. The test is controlled by its own software module and is performed by the keyboard.







Configuration of vigilance test

Evaluation of vigilance test

Response latency
This test can be used for quick detection of time reaction to easy optical and sound impulse and complete so suitably basic test line-up of drivers qualification. It is possible to choose the colour of impulse and  time interval of accidental impulse submission. The time of reaction is the output.
The test itself is regulated by programme module and is carried out on the keyboard.





Configuraton of response latency test










Evaluation of response latency test