Sexuological Plethysmograph

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The basic configuration of the Sexuological Plethysmograph contains Electrocapacitive Plethysmograph, Skin-galvanic Reflexes Measurer and Monitoring Evalutive Program which cooperates with database control program module PicBase.

Electrocapacitive Plethysmograph
The plethysmograph is designed for noninvasive examination of human sexual reactivity. The examination method is based on measuring volume changes with electro-capacitive sensors. The electrical capacitance of these sensors is evaluated with a sensitive electronic capacitance measurer. The output voltage of the measurer which amplitude is directly dependent on the volume changes is connected with a personal computer through optical galvanic isolators to be processed there.

Skin-galvanic Reflexes Measurer
The measurer provides important information about human neural activity and that is why it has been used to indicate emotions - stress, panic, etc. The measurer is designed for continual skin resistance changes measurement of the examined person. The resistance changes are scanned with two electrodes fixed on the palm and wrist with quick-fastening clasps. The output voltage of the measurer whose amplitude is directly dependent on the resistance changes is connected to a personal computer.

Monitoring and  Evalutive Program
The program substitutes a line plotter and furthermore provides user with several functions which make exploration and appraisal (including archiving data) easier.

  • The amplitude can be easily determined, time difference and a mutual can be computed directly on the screen without need to measure with a ruler on the printed record.

  • Legend can be inserted directly into the measured curves.

  • Display of inserted suggestion.

  • The recorded curves can be watched on-line on the screen while examining the patient; three types of time marks including description text can be inserted.

  • Database for storing basic information about the patient including functions for fast searching and sorting.

  • Quality printing of the curves with possibility of setting the speed of the movement to 0.5, 1 and 2.5 mm/sec. A two-line header can be inserted.

 Basic configuration

  • Phalo-vulvo plethysmograph and skin-galvanic reflexes measurer

  • 3 phalo-plethysmographic sensors, 3 vulvo-plethysmographic sensors, set of electrodes for skin-galvanic reflexes measurer

  • program for measurement monitoring including 2-channel A/D converter with optical galvanic isolators for galvanic isolation of the device and PC.

  • Option: Database of stimuli PicBas

PicBase - database of stimuli (pictures)

Program supports dual monitor mode. Stimuli lists and  their previews are displayed on first monitor, stimuli itself is displayed on second monitor.
Database control program module cooperates with monitoring program of the Sexuological plethysmograph. During measurement program inserts automatically marks in recording curve, determining beginning and ending of the suggestion display. Suggestion display during measurement can be controlled manually or semi-automatically by virtue of predefined batches (sequences) of suggestions. In batch mode is possible to determine display time period for each stimulus.