EMG Holter

EMG Holter scans and records data from 4 EMG signals and heartbeat frequency that is calculated from single-channel ECG. Integral values and EMG frequencies are recorded during EMG scan.
EMG Holter also has one free DC channel for connection of an external module (e.g. thermo- meter).

All scanned data are saved in memory of the EMG Holter. Its capacity allows 17 hrs of full record from all channels. All data are transferred into PC after measurement for further interpretation. EMG Holter is built in small compact steel box that ensures high durability and also protects electronical part of the device against electromagnetic and electrostatic disturbance EMG lead-ins are connected to device via high quality connectors. The construction of these connectors blocks an unprompted release and thus prevents scan interruption. Two EMG channels are built in single lead-in. Such solution decreased number of cables, simplifies measurement setup and prevents any possible disturbances.


Setting and indication features

Amplification of each channel is adjusted separately by fine mechanical switches. EMG Holter has special indication circuit that indicates channel overflow by flashing LED. This construction enables to set channel amplification during service with no need of PC. EMG Holter is also equipped with activity and battery charge indication LEDs.



EMG Analyzer
Description of analyzing software

EMG Holter is equipped with analyzing software EMG Analyzer. The programme is tested with Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP. EMG Analyzer provides communication of PC with EMG Holter and standard administration of measured data - measurement database, display and print of curves, basic statistical calculations and export of data into ASCII format. Optional software module enables interconnection of measured data and video record. After interconnection is video record displayed together with run of the EMG curves. Video sequences can be on-line or subsequently saved on the harddrive and anytime replayed.


 Package contains:

  • EMG Holter with leather box

  • EMG Analyzer software

  • 4 EMG modules and 12 EMG electrodes

  • Set of stick rings and electrode gel

  • ECG module and disposable ECG electrodes

  • 2 sets of rechargeable batteries and intelligent re-charger

  • Transport suitcase